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The Exams

An exam is given at the end of each level. The school awards a certificate to all students who successfully complete a course.

For those wishing to work towards an internationally recognised certificate The School on the Square prepares candidates for University of Cambridge Language Assessment

We are an authorised centre for the:

  • KET (Key English Test)

  • PET (Preliminary English Test)

  • FCE (First Certificate in English)

  • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

  • CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

  • YLE (Young Learners English Tests)


The School on the Square is part of "Progetto Scuole" which means that all private and public schools involved in this project can enrol students for exams through our school.

To help you get started, Cambridge English Language Assessment has produced free materials such as sample papers, worksheets, vocabulary lists and exam guides for you to download from the following link:


Who accepts Cambridge English exams?

Cambridge English exams are accepted by over 15,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. Our exams can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase learners’ choices for study or work.

Using Cambridge English exams for employment and admissions
By accepting our exams, not only do you make it easy to describe the language skills your institution or organisation needs, it can also raise your profile with hundreds of thousands of candidates who already have those skills.

Organisations that accept our exams are added to our global online database

How long are my results and certificate valid for?

Information for candidates who have taken a Cambridge English exam

Your Cambridge English exam result/certificate does not have an expiry date*. It shows that on a particular date you demonstrated language skills at a specified level, however language skills are known to diminish over time if not used and maintained.

Individual institutions (such as universities, employers, professional organisations and government bodies) can choose whether or not to accept a certificate that is more than two years old, although many will take into account evidence that you have taken action to maintain or improve your level of English since taking your exam. Please speak to the institution that you wish to apply to if you have any doubts.

Applications for a visa to study or live in a country may also require that you hold an English qualification that was taken within a specified period (within the last two years for example). We strongly advise that you check the regulations for that country carefully before making an application.

If you have any doubts, speak to the institution you are applying to.

*The only exceptions to this are:

  • IELTS - results are valid for two years only.
  • BULATS - we recommend that employers/educational institutions ask for some further proof of a candidate's level of English if the test was taken more than two years previously.


Authored by Martina West - 07 January 2013 14:53

Last updated - 14 August 2014 10:08



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